Siera is from Hythe, Alberta, and did Youth Exchange school year 2009, 2010.  She was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grande Prairie (Meets Fridays).

My name is Siera and last year I went to France on Rotary Youth Exchange.  What does that mean? Travelling the world while surrounded with amazing friends and gaining the support of new families whilst making life into everything you have ever wanted, all the while enjoying good music and great food. Rotary have given me the opportunity to see other countries and even my own from a completely different perspective and has changed me in more ways than imaginable. I became completely fluent in the French language as I immersed myself into a foreign culture. Of course it was difficult being away from family and my home but as time passed I grew to a better understanding and I embraced this strange culture as my own. My experiences were nothing compared to those in a history textbook, and the accomplishments made throughout the year will be more rewarding than any other.

Siera has dreamed about learning to cook. looking at all these chefs it appears Rotary Youth Exchange made that dream a reality!

I would recommend Rotary Youth Exchange to anyone because it’s a promise for self growth. If you have the desire to travel, to learn and to better your global community than Rotary will take you even farther!



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