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You may have questions about Rotary Youth Exchange. We wanted to make this page a place for you to ask those questions.  Of course we will have information in some of the local schools soon, and an information evening in Grande Prairie.   Stay tuned.  Feel free to ask your questions below, and we will get back.  You will also have the option to be notified of follow up comments, and subscribe to updates by email. 


25 Responses to Q and A

  1. janforsure says:

    How old do I have to be to go on this exchange?

  2. JodieWard says:

    can we only travel to the places that are on the website or any place that we choose?

  3. For various reasons – just the countries we list and currently work with.

  4. PS, that was a great question, but our Rotary District partners with other countries they are familiar with, usually have met with in person, feel comfortable with and are confident you will have a positive experience… This is important – as – well – it’s a big responsibilities…. Thanks for asking

  5. Sarah says:

    Do the school credits earned on the exchange transfer?

    • Great question. Some students do make it happen… however often – no. It depends in the country. Also, Rotary Youth Exchange for the most part believes this is a cultural exchange – not an educational exchange. If you are worried about grades all year – we think you’ll miss out on a lot. A one year exchange is a once in lifetime oportunity. Yes you will atend school but most times the grades do not count. Small price to pay for a rare opportunity. Your real education will be OUTside school!

  6. Janae says:

    I was wondering if grande prairie participates in short term exchanges? (Possibly during the summer.) thanks for your help !

  7. Hi. For the most part – no. Sorry.

  8. Hallie says:

    About how much is this program?

    • Good question. This varies per region. Sometimes some clubs pay for more than others. Its best to go to an information evening. For the most part the year is largely paid for by Rotarians! For mom and dads, it’s not unlike having a son or daughter in school, there are always come costs you have to pay for.

  9. Hannah says:

    How can we become an exchange student, and how can i be a part of interact?

    • Tell me what school you attend, every fall Rotary clubs visit schools to find people like you who are interested. Answer is the same for Interact – what school do you attend? No doubt you are near a Rotary Club that would LOVE to fire up an Interact Club in yur school. They are a hoot. Please Google Rotary Interact Club for more….

      • Hannah says:

        The Grande Prairie Composite Highschool

      • Thanks Hannah. There IS an Interact Club at Comp – maybe ask at the office for details. Or let me know and I can put you in contact. We recruited in Comp this fall with posters and announcements and a Y.E. info meeting at Comp last in the past month!

  10. steve says:

    do we have to be part of rotary interact to be an exchange student

  11. No. Although when you apply for youth exchange – its like applying for a job – and the interviewer may ask “What community service have you done in the past?” Certainly community work experience is an asset of the chosen for youth exchange. And if you said “And I am an Interactor” that is also an asset. But of course no it’s not needed – to be an exchange student!

  12. Carly says:

    Do your parents have to be part of rotary to be an exchange student, or do you have to be in anyways tied into rotary to be a exchange student

  13. You do not have to be tied to Rotary or have a parent that is a Rotarian to be an exchange student. All are welcome to apply that fit the age requirements

  14. Chezzerrai says:

    So I have applied for the youth exchange, and I was just wondering what day we would find out when our interview will be. I know its on the 1st and 2nd but the specifics is what I am wondering about.

  15. Andrei De Rueda says:

    What do I usually have to pay for if I want to be an exchange student? And what are the requirements to be qualified to be a Rotary exchange student?

    • The Rotary Clubs sponsor this. As such most of your costs are covered. Having said that, there are costs you will have to cover, not unlike the cost of regular living. That is, a year in NW Alberta has costs for the usual clothing and incidentals. Same there.

  16. Grace Larson says:

    When attending school internationally, would there be any possibility of attending an International School if the exchange student is already enrolled in IB? That way the credits are transferrable because it is a international curriculum?

  17. Hi there. It has been known to happen. However – Rotarians generally feel this is a cultural experience, not a scholastic experience. The focus is on language, culture. and often is NOT focused on GRADES. The education you receive outside of schooling however, will be quite meaningful over your lifetime.

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